Wanna taste the world’s most expensive dessert… no thanks!

Like the million other humans, I have a sweet tooth that can relish anything that is sweet, special mention it has to be edible too. In fact, I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that the gastronomes who have a set of 32 sweet teeth or the ones who always start a meal with the dessert and not the appetizers would not just think twice but completely refrain from eating The Fortress Aquamarine from Wine3 at The Fortress in Galle, Sri Lanka. It happens to be ‘The world’s most expensive dessert’ and costs the sweet lovers nothing less than $14,500. Boy! Have I suddenly started loathing sweets or what! The focus of the sweet treat is an 80-carat aquamarine gem resting on a specially shaped silver of fine chocolate representative of the company’s logo. So what! No one is eating that 80-carat Gemstone decoration anyways!

I wonder how much would the dessert be worth without the gemstones and linings and all that! The restaurant should try it out, they can boast of selling at least one of these, which they haven’t done so far! Too bad!