Way to the crypt of my heart! Lonely Ape Dating Club is the first dedicated dating app for NFT collectors!

Having similar interests is an excellent way to begin a long-lasting relationship. Most interests these days begin and end with NFT’s. Half the world may still attempt to grasp the concept, but the well-versed are having quite the ball in the metaverse. Offering these tech-savvy people a chance to meet similar humans is Lonely Ape Dating Club. The soon-to-be-launched online dating app is dedicated to NFT collectors integrating web3 with the online dating space. Make note only those with at least one Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT can join the app.

Yes, love is linked to crypto wallet value in this new NFT-age. Unlike run-of-the-mill dating apps, one does not need to create a profile, upload pictures, or display personal information. The entire focus here is on the worth of users’ digital wallets. Instead of matching horoscopes or hobbies, users will sort their matches by crypto wallet value or by NFT value to evaluate the wealth and success of users before they interact. For those who have just begun and don’t have fat NFT wallets, the LADC features a ‘Coin Digger’ feature that encourages NFT owners to connect with those who have a higher worth than them for a mutual benefit.

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Speaking of mutual benefit, the “match-to-earn” feature will encourage users to engage with others to earn coins. This will undoubtedly be the next step to success for the owners of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs. With an increasing demand in NFT, it will get pretty crowded on the dating app. We suggest you sign up for early access to the app via the official website.

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