Wedding on a Yacht: the Benefits and Checklist

There is a reason why everyone talks about the wedding being a once in a lifetime event. Not only is it supposed to bring two lovebirds together, but it is also expected to create memories that will last a lifetime.

So, keeping in mind the grand setting of the occasion, all steps should be taken to ensure that your event is a resounding success for everyone who is coming in to enjoy your happiness and your great diamond rings.

Now, off late, we have seen a lot of improvements in wedding trends. People have come to terms with having a truly exceptional wedding event, which is why they are going for better, improvised options.

One of the options to surge in popularity recently is that of booking a yacht charter for your big day. Booking a yacht charter gives you great room for innovation and ensures that you have a truly memorable event that everyone can remember for a long time to come.

Here, we will discuss the benefits of having a yacht charter wedding and a checklist of the things you should consider before organizing such an event.

Benefits of a Yacht Wedding
Before we go talking about the checklist of the things that you should ensure while having a yacht wedding, we will first talk about the benefits of such a wedding and why it is so popular among the masses today.

These benefits include:

You Have a Truly Memorable and Impressive Event
By booking a yacht charter for your wedding, you ensure that you wouldn’t end up with a run of the mill sort of wedding. Your event will be truly amazing, and it would be remembered by everyone for the brilliant aesthetics and the glamour it offers. Weddings that are held in halls, gardens, banquets, and other such places are barely remembered which is why your wedding would be the talk of the town for a long time to come.

Besides being memorable, the event would also be truly impressive because of all the glamour involved. Since yachts move around the sea, your guests would associate the glamour, magnificence, and eventfulness of the water and beauty around them, with your wedding.

No Gate Crashers
Organizing a yacht wedding can significantly reduce the number of gate crashers coming your way. Not many gate crashers would think of crashing a yacht charter wedding, which is why you can benefit from having only those individuals you have invited come to your wedding. Since it is a yacht wedding, you wouldn’t be tempted to invite many people. You will only call those that really matter to you, based on which you will ensure a good time for everyone involved.

Minimize the Cost
As you would have gauged through the reasoning above, the number of guests coming to your event wouldn’t be that much, which is why you will only be catering to and arranging for a select few people. This will ensure that your costs are cut down, and you can have a grand setting for your marriage, while eventually cutting down on the costs as well.

So, while a yacht wedding may sound like a huge investment, it isn’t that way.

The best part about a yacht wedding is that you wouldn’t be stuck in one position, and would be able to enjoy the benefit of mobility among many other things. You could maneuver the yacht around the route and have different events scheduled for different locations. You could also visit multiple picturesque locations along the route and have plenty of wedding pictures taken in these locations. Your guests would love being able to enjoy an adventure on your wedding day, and would appreciate being shown around the beautiful lake, river, or ocean.

Fuel the Romance
Yacht weddings give you a chance to fuel your romance in unprecedented ways. Not only can you pull your favorite Titanic pose on the corner of the yacht, but you could also change into bathing suits and have a small dip in the water together. All of this would add to the specialness of your big day, and would make you fall even more in love with each other.
Moreover, you can organize for a wave runner and make your way back to port on it. Attach a ‘happily married’ sign at the back of the wave runner, and steam past the awestruck guests in style.

Checklist for the Wedding
While there is a lot to enjoy and rejoice over, it would be wrong of you to forget some of the important preparations in the haste. You should make sure that the wedding is being arranged in the most thorough manner possible, without any flaws.

So, follow these rules to organize the wedding in the best way possible:

-Know the budget you have with you. It is important that you know exactly how much you have with you to spend on the wedding.

-Make a list of guests that you should invite for the wedding. Come up with an informal count of the guests that would come and plan accordingly.

-Pick a yacht, which you think can accommodate the number of people you have coming to your wedding. Take the number of people you have invited for the event into consideration here. The yacht you choose should have sufficient space to accommodate all the people that are invited.

-Remember to choose an officiant for running the wedding ceremony. Choose someone from your own faith or spiritual community.

-Music is necessary for a good yacht wedding, so choose between a DJ and a live band for the job. If you’re going for a live band, make sure that the band plays the right genre of songs.

-Take the weather into consideration while planning. Check the weather reports in advance, and plan accordingly.

-Make sure that all flowers and décor are handled beforehand. Have a look at the boat before the given time to ensure that everything is in its place.

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