Westminster Abbey awaits public approval for a crown shaped roof

In June 2013 the Queen will celebrate the golden jubilee of her coronation amid great fanfare and merriment. And if all goes well the Westminster Abbey will also sport a brand new look as part of the celebrations. There are plans to build a magnificent £10m ($16.6 million) corona – a crown-shaped roof – over the lantern that lights the heart of the church. The Queen and Prince Charles are aware of these renovation plans, but the dean, the Very Rev John Hall, said the project would only go ahead if it won public approval. If approved, this new roof would redefine the skyline of Britain and end the 1000 year long puzzlement of architects over finishing the roof. The plans would also allow visitors for the first time into the triforium, a spectacular if dusty secret world 70ft above the nave, with a view described by John Betjeman as “the best in the world”. There are also plans to shift the contents of the old museum into the new attic and also to convert the old museum into a visitor center. The new renovations would also include the first ever education centre in Dean’s Yard beside the choir school and a café.

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The Abbey is displaying these proposed plans at Chapter House until September. Guess it’s up to the public to decide whether they are ready to finally let this landmark church undergo a drastic change.