When fitness and luxury mix, decadent foam roller for $365

What makes a thing luxurious? Sometimes style, sometimes design but in the case of RolPal’s foam roller, just the $365 price tag. This foam roller is to appeal to the fitness lovers who also happen to dig exuberance. Besides being made with a pure platinum silicon surface and stainless steel ball-bearers on the surface, to be honest the roller looks like a weird rolling pin. In regard to functionality, it does just as well as the regular $30 foam rollers. So to us, there’s nothing that really sets it apart besides its obvious extortionate cost; but of course, if you’re a luxury lover, there’s always a reason to splurge a little (read: a lot).

The RolPal can be bought from their own website, which also lists the RolPal mini and a RolPal 360.

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[ Available at : Rolpal ]