Who needs a private jet when you can have your very own authentic hot air balloon

Aren’t you fed up with staying within the four walls of your homes? If your answer is a yes, but you don’t feel like risking air travel or excessive human contact for sensible and practical reasons, we still have a solution to offer- the Authentic Hot Air Balloon! There is no need to go to Cappodocia to enjoy the balloon ride when you can own one, right? This custom-made hot air balloon can carry up to four persons in a classic 52″ x 42″ wicker basket with leather or suede trim.

The balloon’s 24-gore envelope expands to its total 90,000 cubic foot capacity with the included burner and two padded 15-gallon stainless steel fuel tanks. One who has an FAA pilot’s license, the hot air balloon can be your new toy but one you take seriously and play carefully with. In addition to The balloon’s lower-end components, the set comes with a pulley, parachute retrieval line, and a choice of either non-metallic or stainless steel envelope cables. Your flight will not take off without the digital flight instruments included in the kit like an altimeter, thermometer, variometer, and GPS feature.

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The beautiful hot air balloon measures 85′ tall and 60′ wide when fully inflated, revealing its vibrant hues. There are as many as 20color options to choose from to get the balloon you always dreamed of flying in. Hammacher Schlemmer is selling this aerial beauty for $49000 and needs 8-9 weeks for delivery.

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[Available at: Hammacher Schlemmer]

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