Why People (Including Oprah) Loves Their Prepd Pack

When you think lunchbox, what comes to mind? A simple tool with the basic functionality of storing food until lunchtime, right?

Not with the bold and beautifully-designed Prepd pack. This creative tool did not manage to crowdfund more than $4.2 million in less than a year for nothing; it is truly a masterpiece. Now, the process of taking food to the office is much easier and enjoyable.

What exactly is a Prepd pack?
A Prepd pack is simply the lunchbox reimagined. It is a fine-looking bento box consisting of one large container that houses an array of removable small containers and a set of magnetic cutlery, all made from some of the high-quality materials the world has to offer. These materials are not only food safe but leak-proof as well. The pack, complete with an outer bamboo case, is simply beautiful to behold.

The deal gets even sweeter: The pack also integrates a one-of-a-kind smart app that helps you plan your menus, give you the nutritional value of foods, and links you with deep, witty health advice. Now you understand why the world, yes even Oprah, can’t stop talking about their Prepd packs, right?

Benefits of the Pack
The Prepd pack offers a new face to the whole idea of taking food to the workplace. It eliminates the inevitable stress associated with meal planning, preparation, packaging and carrying food to work. Some of the benefits of this smart tool include;

Health and nutrition
The Prepd pack isn’t just your boring, snazzy lunchbox; it has superior features that only a keen eye can decipher. The containers inside the bamboo enclosure are somewhat smaller than your average-sized lunch containers. This is done to enable you to track your nutrition by eating the right portions. Obviously, you can’t fit a whole turkey in there, can you? Additionally, the app features a Health kit that gives you an opportunity to monitor how you are doing healthwise.

Varied recipes
Apart from the hassle of preparing and packing lunch to take with you to the office, the other reason many people hate the idea of carrying food to work is because of the monotony of recipes. The creators of the Prepd pack capitalized on this by incorporating the app with a total of 140 recipes from their finest chefs. The app not only helps you choose recipes but links them with the Health kit and gives you the nutritional value of each of them. Really impressive.

Fun meal prepping
Meal prepping is not a cup of tea for most people. There are many reasons for this including the fact that it is time-consuming and downright laborious. With the Prepd pack, however, you can enjoy preparing sizzling meals in record times. You can actually prepare your entire week’s lunch for less than one hour. Not just that but delicious, diverse and exciting meals.

In the world full of toxic substances and unnecessary waste, the pack stands out from the pack – first because it utilizes environmentally-friendly materials and secondly because it helps minimize food wastage.

Insulation and style
The pack also had a neoprene add-on that helps keep your food’s temperature for long periods of time and offers extra protection for your food. The stylish sleeve add-on also makes carrying the food effortlessly.

Like many other products on the market, there are both pros and cons to the Prepd pack. Many have strongly complained about its rather high price point. A few more also point to the fact that it is heavy and not as long lasting as the vendors claim. Well, in all honesty, the pros outweigh the cons here but that’s our opinion.

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