Wife of Washington Lobbyist wraps gifts in real money sheets!

Something must be wrong in the head of Edwina Rogers, the wife of Washington lobbyist Ed Rogers, that’s what most people would think after they learn of her fetish to wrap gifts is not a fancy wrapping paper that people would throw away but something that would be treasured more than the gift itself. She wraps her presents in money. Uncut sheets of real, government-issued, dollar bills. That lady is surely creative and rich too. The wife of Washington lobbyist Ed Rogers gets the money sheets from the United States Bureau of Engraving and then slices and dices as you would any wrapping paper to best fit the gift and get the best pattern on the front of the package. I mean you have to fit the face right in this case.

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A sheet of 32 one dollar bills costs about $55 USD. So if you have the money and you wanna show it to the word or to the people who care, you have just learnt a ‘valuable’ lesson with pun intended!