Wikileaks to blow the cover on secret Swiss bank accounts now

This comes a major blow for Swiss bank account holders, more because this will mean that the most trusted financial organisation in the world could have loopholes too. One Swiss banker has, upon full personal risk, passed on information regarding 2,000 prominent people to the founder of Wikileaks. Julian Assange received two discs given by Rudolf Elmer and will upload the data once it is vetted. Officials of the Swiss bank Julius Baer say that Mr Elmer was ‘evidently disgruntled and frustrated’ after his career was slashed by being fired in 2002. Since Wikileaks has been creating more waves than the CIA would ever have imagined, what better forum to unveil, he must have thought.

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Mr Elmer has already faced 30 days in jail for violating bank rules in Switzerland and has been bribed to be silent. However, he is not budging from what he believes in and also has come up with a defence saying he had leaked out information from his former employer at Cayman Islands and this didn’t come under Swiss jurisdiction. In the list 40 politicians have been named and it is just a matter of time when the world will cringe under the heavy-duty clientele is revealed.

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