Will this Star Wars fitness equipment motivate you to work out?

Every time there’s a Star Wars movie being anticipated, there’s one thing you know for certain: the movie’s release is going to be preceded by lots of merchandise. Every company wants to make money off the launch and every new array of merch seems to get more and more niche. Onnit, for example, is targeting that select group of Star Wars nerds who are also fitness freaks through a collection of fitness equipment inspired by the hit franchise.

The collection includes three kettlebells in the shape of famous characters: a 50 lbs Boba Fett bounty hunter, a 60 lbs Imperial Stormtrooper, and a 70 lbs Darth Vader. There’s also a slam ball created to resemble a Death Star and a Han Solo Yoga mat.

The collection is great to look at, but we can all agree that these pieces are for hardcore collectors only. If the gym membership you blew your savings on last year couldn’t get you to work out, then this collection definitely won’t!


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