Wine vending machines hit the supermarkets of Pennsylvania, U.S

After the breathalyzer that control car ignitions, you will now have to pass the test if you need to buy wines from grocery stores too, if you are in the state of Pennsylvania, U.S. The state with the most Byzantine liquor laws in the U.S., the state has started with the country’s first wine “kiosks” on an experimental basis. These wine machines, as big as four large refrigerators, are ATM style machines that don’t really chill the drinks. Through a touch-screen display, you can pick your wines and then swipe your designated ID, and blow into the alcohol sensor after which you are registered through a surveillance camera.

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After a state employee in Harrisburg approves the sale over a remote connection the bottle drops from a vending machine. While experts are not taking too well to the idea, the locals seem to be rather enthusiastic about it. Which way the tide turns, only time can tell.