Winners of $17 million lottery plan to treat their pet with a diamond dog collar

Well some people have nothing, but yet would splurge on the most ridiculous of things despite winning a bit lottery. I don’t know how else to describe what Peter and Jacqueline Redikin, from Cheadle Heath, Stockport had in mind after winning a double rollover draw worth £11 million (PA)! 50-year old Peter, who used to purchase the same number each week, originally believed he won only $15.95million and burst into tears on realizing that he hit the jackpot. The couple, who collected a cheque amounting to $17,834,395 at Old Trafford, Manchester United, is keen to get a diamond necklace for their pet dog Mitzy, after which they plan to book a vacation on the Orient Express and buy their first car. Well, not all items on their wish list are in vain.

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