With work from home becoming a reality here are healthy habits to start today

It should go without saying: your health is the most important thing. Unfortunately, too many people neglect living a healthy lifestyle and take too much for granted. However, adopting healthy habits is easier than it may seem. Here are a few you should start today.

Drink More Water :
In general, it’s recommended to drink at least six eight-ounce glasses of water each day. There are several health benefits you can get from this, including keeping your bowel movements normal and regular, lubricating your joints, protecting the spinal cord and tissues in the body and aiding in weight control. These are only a few health benefits of drinking six eight-ounce glasses of water.

You can even take it a step even further by adding one extra glass to your daily intake. If you aren’t a fan of plain water, you can make it more exciting by adding flavoring to it. Cut a slice of lemon or lime or even cucumber to add to it. You can also get flavor packets at your local grocery store. If you need a portable, eco-friendly option, you can even find self-cleaning and purifying water bottles.

Use the Stairs :
If there are stairs in your home or workplace, opt to walk up and down them instead of taking an elevator. You can also use the stairs not simply for getting one place or another, but you can build a cardio routine by walking repeatedly up and down. This can increase your heart rate and strengthen your heart. It might be challenging at first but becomes easier as you get used to it.

Go for Regular Walks :
Walking is a great way to get exercise. While it’s not strenuous even if you walk more briskly, it can provide a good workout to your entire body. Even walking for 30 minutes each day can give you great health benefits. You could also choose to add weights, such as Bala Bangles, to your wrists and ankles for help with muscle building while you walk.

If you drive or take public transportation to work, park a few extra blocks away or get off the train, bus or taxi a few blocks sooner. Walk the rest of the way to your office. It can make a big difference. If at all possible, you might even want to walk the entire way to work.

Take CBD :
Taking premium CBD products is a popular choice to promote general wellbeing and improved health overall. CBD oil is available in many different formulas and is great for a number of things, such as soothing minor muscle aches and encouraging relaxation. You can add a few drops of a CBD tincture to your favorite morning tea or coffee to start the day out right or add to a smoothie for a wellness boost. Need an even easier way to get your daily CBD? Gummies are a tasty choice or try a topical cream or lotion that will also nourish your skin. Even three-time Olympic gold medalist and mother of three, Kerri Walsh Jennings, uses CBD oil as part of her daily routine.

Go to Bed Earlier :
One healthy habit you can easily adopt now is to go to bed earlier. Adults need at least seven to nine hours of sleep per night to feel truly rested and refreshed. If you turn in just a half-hour earlier, you can gain tremendous health benefits. A good sleep can promote weight loss, ensure the production of healthy hormones and more. Your mind will also be sharper when you get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.

There are many things you can do to develop a habit of getting to sleep a bit earlier. Limiting screen time before you go to bed, drinking herbal tea or diffusing sleep and relaxation-promoting essential oils are just a few of these things. Weighted blankets or white noise machines are other great options as well!

Eat a Healthy Diet :
Eating a healthy diet is imperative to good health. It’s also an easy healthy habit to incorporate into your daily routine. Never skip on breakfast, even if you feel pressed for time in the morning. You may also want to eat five or six smaller meals throughout the day instead of the standard three. Eat healthy grains, six servings of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and nuts or legumes in your meals. While it may seem like eating healthy is more expensive, it’ll pay off in the long run when your body starts feeling stronger and healthier from the inside out. You can’t put a price tag on feeling good!

These are simply healthy habits to start today. You will immediately begin to feel the positive results of these practices.

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