Woman falls prey to Cannes Film Festival’s ridiculous high heels policy – again!

As the world is going about their humdrum lives, the fashionable French city of Cannes is on fire. Throngs of paparazzi are waiting all day to capture celebrities as they step out in their finest couture. Of course, only at the Cannes Film Festival is it possible for a woman to be denied entry for not wearing heels. Again!

Variety’s co-EIC Claudia Eller was momentarily stopped by security for not promenading on the red carpet in high heels. Granted, the fashion protocol at the Cannes trumps almost any other event of the year, but this rule is almost ridiculous.

“Last night I was stopped on the Cannes red carpet and told by this idiotic security guard that I couldn’t get into this premiere because I was wearing flats,” Eller tweeted. “I threatened to post this on our Variety website. I got in.”

The issue brought to light the open-ended argument on inclusion and gender parity. Twilight star Kristen Stewart was reprimanded by the fashion police for posing for pictures with her Christian Louboutin heels in hand at the French festival.


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