Woman taking selfie accidently destroys $200k worth of art at a LA exhibition

We’ve had enough of the ‘Selfie Craze’, but looks like people across the globe are still hooked to it with all their might. Despite the fatal falls, poopers and accidents galore, the Selfie fever only seems to be climbing dangerous heights. One such recent victim to this hype is a plush art gallery in LA that suffered damages to the tune of $200k – all because of a woman’s essential need of clicking a Selfie!

YouTube video

The brutal and insanely funny incident took place at the 14th Factory in Los Angeles last week and the same has been captured on CCTV footage, much to the embarrassment of the infamous ‘Selfie clicking’ lady. As per the recorded tape, the anonymous woman (while capturing herself) attempted to take a seat next to one of the pieces on display. That is when she accidently lost balance and took down a series of displayed art in an unfortunate and rather dramatic domino. While most pieces suffered only minor cracks, three sculptures are said to broken beyond repair.

The unfortunate ‘art – casualties’ also include certain very precious crowns and metals. Speaking in terms of money, this Selfie fail has cost the exhibit a total of $200,000 in damages! Now that’s huge! While this is not the first-time people have suffered, or caused mishaps due to the incessant need of clicking themselves, it seems like a long way before we all can budge and get over with our ‘Self-ies’!


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