Woman penalised for kissing painting in a museum!

This one takes the cake for being one of the most preposterous pieces of dope ever. Thought you could be convicted for murder, burglary or drinking and driving? Well if you happen to be in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Avignon, France you could be convicted for kissing too. Now let me complete before you guys get the wrong end of the stick; 30 year old Sam Rindy is probably the laughing stock of the millennium as she is facing trial for having kissed the 9’x6′ bone white painting by Cy Twombly valued at over $2.7 million dollar. She could have got away with it if it wouldn’t have been for the lipstick imprint she left behind.

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Ms Rindy is awaiting trial on August 16th for “damage to a work of art.” The French may have given the world the French kiss but for once lets not kiss and tell!