Wooden Bathroom scale adds style

The thought of standing on a weight scale sends a shiver down the spine for many people. But if I could add a little glamour to it and make it appealing to look at, could I tempt you? Standing barefoot on a cold metal or plastic bathroom scale first thing in the morning is about as appealing as… reading the results. Apparently, there’s no rule that says scales need to be made out of such chilly materials though. This one is made out of wood. The wooden slats look and feel warmer, and the scale itself is handsome enough that you won’t feel compelled to store it under the sink when the company is coming over. At $40 it won’t break the bank either. You’ll love the look of the luxurious, Electronic Wooden Scales. Whether you select the round version or the square, I think these one-of-a-kind wooden scales will look great on your bathroom floor. What sets these scales apart from other scales on the market is the genuine walnut used to make the platform. It’s as durable as it is beautiful and you won’t find a more accurate home scale.

We all know how important it is to maintain a healthy weight and with the help of our Electronic Wooden Scale, you’ll be able to monitor your weight while simultaneously adding a nice touch to the look of your master bathroom. You can get one here

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