World’s most expensive teddy bear worth $30,000 holds a diamond ring

We all have our own little habits that we cannot do without. One of the most common habits that we refuse to give up when we grew up is sleeping with our favorite cuddly toy. The majority of people have a cuddly soft toy that they find hard to part with. A soft toy especially a cuddly teddy bear is also the most common gift on Valentine’s Day. And how can you make sure your beloved feel special despite giving her a common gift? Simple, surprise her by gifting her the world’s most expensive teddy bear on this day of love. The Vermont Teddy Bear Company claims to have created the world’s most expensive teddy bear. With a $30,000 price tag, this teddy bear joins the league of the world’s most expensive teddy bears.
Standing at a cool 4½-feet, this bear is christened, The Big Hunka Love Diamond Bear. That is because the teddy comes with a 5.9 carat, one-of-a-kind “fire rose” diamond ring! A special teddy bear indeed. Perrywinkle’s Fine Jewelry makes the ring in Burlington. Complete with a big velvet bowtie around his neck, this teddy bear is the ideal way to meet your beloved’s heart.

It isn’t a new thing to sell a teddy bear attached with a piece of jewelry to up its worth! Take a look at a teddy adorned with a diamond tiara sporting a $170,800 tag and another teddy bear worth $10,000 decked with a diamond necklace.


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