World’s first Crucifix Diamond shows up at BaselWorld 2011

Isn’t BaselWorld all about watches and jewellery? We had asked ourselves the same question, but one look at this stunning masterpiece and all our doubts were put to rest. The buzz creator at the world’s biggest watches showcase is essentially a 25 carat black diamond piece, carved out of a 175 carat diamond procured from the mines at Congo. It has taken master artisan Mahendra Shah, who was inspired by the carvings near his birth town in the derasars (holy temples) of Patan, nearly 10 years to etch this piece. The crucifix has already been adjudged as a rare and unique object by the Gemological Institute in America, and will be presented to the Pope after it has been showcased at the watches event. This means that while there’s no price to it, and it wont be showcased again, we give you a rare glimpse of the making of this wonder of wonders here.

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