World’s largest corkscrew opens a bottle of wine and pours it too

How could anybody imagine that a favorite past-time of an engineering genius could turn into a rage of sorts? Raise a toast to creator Rob Higgs for creating a 5-ft mechanical corkscrew constructed from a ton of scrap metal, several cogs, some chains, a couple of cannonballs and lots of paper for the drawing board. Bizarre minds have a way of creating a virtual solution for a problem that never existed and still stir a lot of interest; that is the beauty of it. The corkscrew, constructed out of 300 moving parts holds considerable resemblance to the machine featured in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

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The building of the corkscrew was commissioned by Marcus Wilkinson, founder of conceptual design firm Oneofone. Watching the magic travel through those 300 moving parts while you wait for a glass of wine would be worth all the time! Touted to be the largest corkscrew, only 25 such kinetic bottle-opening sculptures are up for £75,000 and £100,000 ($117,000 – $156,000).
You can watch the video here.
[Via DailyMail]

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