World’s largest paintbrush mosaic of Michael Jackson makes it to Guinness World Records

Michael Jackson never failed to lie low when he was alive or currently even from his grave. The $1.5 million 3D image or the $70,000 illuminated glove has proven that fans are ready to go to extremes to be/own a part of this legend. The latest record-breaking news related to this iconic pop star is that Saimir Strati has worked on the largest paintbrush mosaic of the late Michael Jackson. The Albanian artist’s creation, made of 230,000 paintbrushes, has made it to the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest paintbrush mosaic. The artist seemed to be a diehard MJ fan as he toiled for 16 hours each day for a month but not without blasting MJ’s numbers. Strati quoted that “All the time I was being guided by his music and made a silent deal with him to help me find the secrets of his great singing.” His music certainly can work wonders for his fans and sail them through the toughest tasks with ease. That’s the power of music….especially MJ’s songs!