World’s largest Pencil

An employee’s productivity at work is often influenced by the salary package he obtains. But this phenomenon was left rather ineffective once before when Employees of a firm in Japan took 3 months to complete a picture of Mona Lisa by disposed train tickets in their break time which certainly hit a record. But this one not only took the money, but it also took manpower too. This time it’s a colossal Pencil “constructed” by a company in honor of a man named “Sri Chinmoy” aged 76 years. The world’s largest pencil weighs about 18000 pounds and measuring 76 feet long, which represents 1 million and 9000 Pencils. The Pencil is supposed to be an unprecedented gift of the man of unprecedented creativity. – Watch more free videos
Wonder what’s coming next in honor of Men (and women), building a Taj Mahal shouldn’t be difficult now.