World’s most expensive bouquet made up of 1 million Saudi Riyals to woo the material girl

Gone are the days when girls could be wooed with just flowers and poetry. The modern girl expects to be pampered with luxurious gifts and surprises. So if you too have been smitten by one such material girl, then you can forget about gifting her a bunch of red roses this V-day! Unless, of course, you give her the most expensive bouquet in the world! And no, this bouquet does not comprise of the most exotic flowers to be found on earth. The most expensive bouquet in the world is a bouquet made of Saudi Arabia’s currency. Believe it or not, the unique bouquet is made from crisp bills of 500, 100, and 50 Riyals, all totaling the exorbitant sum of 1million Saudi Riyals ($266,667)! The wonderful smell of crisp fresh notes will surely appeal to your material girl. Heck, I doubt there is anyone who will reject this bouquet.

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