World’s Most Expensive Cell Phone Plans

You think you pay some of the highest cell phone bills? Well, look at the amount shelled out by New Zealanders for their cell phone plans, and I am sure you will change the way you think. According to a recent survey by the Kiwis’ Commerce Commission, New Zealanders are paying for some of the most expensive cell phone plans in the world! Thanks to a network duopoly between service providers Vodafone and Telecom, the average New Zealander pays between 23% and 46% more than the average price of a cell phone plan in OECD member countries (including the US, UK, and Australia, among others). Telecom’s Flexi Anytime plan is the most expensive mobile phone plan of any member country, making it the most expensive cell phone plan globally, at 177% of the average. Users of this plan are expected to pay 189.50 NZD (about $102 US) for their first 450 minutes. The same plan of 450 minutes costs just $39.99 in the US. The poor Kiwis are definitely shelling out a lot more than the average cell phone users globally.

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The Commerce Commission does warn that their report should only be taken as an indicator as it doesn’t include several recently introduced budget plans.

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