World’s most expensive chocolate praline is crowned with a 3.63 carat diamond

We just came across a delight good enough to set your taste buds tingling and your pockets jingling. Carved into being by artists chocolatier Paul Wittamer and jeweler Fabienne Lascar, this chocolate praline made from dark ganache, and caramel with essence of ginger and gold leaf sports a 3.63 carat diamond, making it the world’s most expensive chocolate praline worth $240,000. Adding to the ranks of extravagant and expensive chocolates we’ve grabbed looks at before, including the DeLafée Swiss chocolate pralines covered in 24 carat edible gold and the $5 million worth Valentine Diamond chocolate, and this diamond topped praline isn’t one to be swallowed whole.

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And yes, if you’re looking to keep your bank account stuffed, Wittamer has an inexpensive $26 praline with a Cubic Zirconia too!
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