World’s most expensive dish of jacket potatoes features a topping of caviar

Ask Stuart Hughes how do you turn your gizmo into the world’s most expensive one and he will tell you that the key is to add a bit of sparkle by trimming your gadget with diamonds and crystals. But you don’t have to be a genius to know how to turn a regular dish of jacket potatoes into the world’s most expensive dish of baked potatoes. The answer is simple, by adding a topping of caviar, of course. That’s exactly what chef Ben Kingdon has done. The man has done away with the regular topping of cheese or baked beans and made way for Italian caviar, making his exquisite dish of jacket potatoes boast of an asking price of £40 ($50) per spud.

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Served at the Cary Arms, in Torquay, Devon, the cooked potato is mixed with creme fraiche, lemon, chives and spring onions. This is followed by adding a topping of caviar and the dish is then served on a wooden board with balsamic-roasted vine tomatoes, a side salad and a glass of champagne. The dish was introduced in the pubs menu nearly two weeks back and since then it has only been ordered once.
Since I am no fan of caviar, I think I’ll have my jacket potatoes with the traditional toppings and give this exquisite offering a miss.

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