World’s most expensive Golf bag is a hotcake at $8,400

The quiet clapping at the audience and the deep-set environment at the Golf field, have led me to believe that Golf is a no non-sense game and it takes a little more than money to play this game. Undoubtedly, the Golf clubs and the golf ball marker that goes into the game is bloody expensive, then why continue using that cheap golf bag that anybody could afford. The Damier Geante Golf bag by Louis Vuitton delivers true status at the Green pasture and it’s named after the type of canvas used in its manufacture. It has drawn in a healthy amount of Cowhide, making up the piping, base, and parts of the removable shoulder strap. The bag features a zip-up hood, a number of pockets, a rolling travel cover, and even an Umbrella to be used during untimely showers.

The iPhone users can cheer as the bag goes perfectly with the Apple widget as well. As if that weren’t enough, LV even managed to pack in 4 Tees into the bag! The world’s most expensive Golf bag costs $8,400, but I’d say it’s worth every penny, as you’re sure to buy some well-deserved compliments along with your swanky purchase.
Via – Loadedshopper

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