World’s most expensive honey produced in Britain costs $80 for a pot

Here is one more way to flaunt your luxurious lifestyles. By buying the world’s most expensive honey which is produced in Britain for the first time you can show the world how unaffected you are by the recession. This exclusive honey is usually made in New Zealand by bees who feast on Manuka bushes. But it is now being made in Britain for the first time and costs £50 ($80) for a 113g (4oz) pot – about £7 ($11) per teaspoon. This was the first time that the plants produced nectar in the estate, near Truro, giving Britain its first 100 jars of the most exclusive honey which were sold to health conscious women. It is not just the exotic bushes that are responsible for its price, but this honey is also considered to have medicinal powers and is well known for curing everything from sore throats to super bugs. Other than that it is also useful to ease problems like gum disease, acne and digestive problems.

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So go ahead and make the most of this honey that will not only increase your social standing but improve your health as well.

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