World’s Most Expensive Paintball Gun

As an answer to WDP’s Angel G7 that wowed paintball enthusiasts, Planet Eclipse recently unveiled their SL74. Weighing less than two pounds, it may just be the lightest paintball gun in the world. The gun also offers less kick than previous models in the series and even features a mechanism to allow its user to choose between lower pressure and a higher shot count. Since its inception in 1976, Paintball’s popularity as a sport has exploded. Each year, over 10 million people play paintball in the US alone. No wonder that companies like WDP and Planet Eclipse seek to outdo each other by making the fanciest and most expensive paintball guns.

Priced at $1,995 of course, it’s the most expensive paintball gun in the world. Considering that at $1500, WDP’s Angel G7 at had no problem selling 1000 guns in the first week of its launch, Planet Eclipse can expect to do just as well!