World’s most expensive press release published in New York Times magazine

While some brands need no introduction, some are still trying to find a strong foothold in the competitive world and struggle hard to get the public’s attention. In one such attention-seeking attempt, a company tried in vain to get people to notice by publishing a full-page advert/ press release in New York Times magazine for the second time! No cheap affair this, reportedly the published rate for a full-page color ad in the New York Times magazine is $107,075 making this press release the most expensive one in the world!

The aforementioned press release was an uninteresting one from Classic Marketing Company that appeared in the magazine right after the editor’s letter. The press release, titled “Classic Marketing Appoints Exclusive Distributor,” is obscure and veers from the main topic: the product, “Fragile, wild strawberry liqueur.” It instead goes on to talk about some dull marketing and distribution agreement between two companies. Come on, if you have spent so much moolah on the ad-space, how about promoting the product?!
Further, it is believed that Fragoli, the wild strawberry liqueur, has been featuring digital and four-page, full-color ads since 2007 to present in New York Magazine, New York Times, and New York Times Magazine.

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