World’s most expensive sausage and mash meal now available at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, London

What would you want to savor in a opulent three course meal? Well, kebabs, egg rolls, maybe even a soup for starters; pizzas, for main course finished with DeLafée’s Chocolate, Frrrozen Haute Chocolate, ice cream sundae, some cake or pudding for dessert; and some wine to go with it? Or hot dogs, burgers, rice pancakes, or schnitzels for a quick bite maybe? Well, if the main course options don’t excite you too much, or prefer sausages and mashed potatoes in a exquisite twist, then two Michelin starred L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, London is serving just that! Priced at £75 ($120), the head chef Olivier Limousin, has come up with the world’s most expensive sausages and mash, which consists of “gourmet sausages served on a bed of pureed Desiree potatoes and butter, mixed with 10 grams of black truffle”.

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The ‘deconstructed’ Iberico pork sausages made from pigs fed acorns, wild thyme, rosemary and mushrooms has been braised in 16-year-old vintage Bordeaux for the added flavor. Despite the steep pricing, the dish has sold over 10 million times a week a figure which will grow manifolds as the dish features in the Potato Week menu of the Potato Council.

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