World’s most expensive sushi comes adorned with gold leaf and a diamond

Some have no qualms about splurging thousands of dollars on satiating their taste buds. Keeping this class of fine food connoisseurs and enthusiasts in mind, Filipino chef Angelito Araneta, Jr. is touted to be the most expensive sushi in the world. One of the most extravagant plates of sushi you will ever come across, his dish consists of five pieces of delicious sushi, each covered with a leaf of edible gold and garnished with a .2-carat African diamond. Those with an appetite for bling will surely enjoy this extravagant sushi. The exquisite plate was recently presented at a Milanana restaurant and is priced at 91,800 pesos ($1,975).

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To complete the extravagant experience, I suggest you use the LV chopsticks.

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