World’s smallest aquarium is created by Russian miniature specialist Anatoly Konenko

I love having fishes in the house and watching them relaxes almost instantly. But they also need constant cleaning and care. If you don’t want the cleaning job, Russia-based miniature specialist Anatoly Konenko has just the thing you need! He has crafted a tiny glass tank, complete with small stones and plants and a set of miniature fishes swimming around. The tank touted to be the smallest aquarium globally, is 30mm wide, 24mm high, and 14 mm deep that holds 10ml of water.

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The artist uses a syringe to fill it up so that the delicately crafted landscape remains intact. Calling them ‘micro-miniatures,’ the tank also spots a small fishing net to put in the fish fondly named baby Danios. Konenko already holds a Guinness World Record for the world’s smallest book. And like most of his other exclusive creations, the smallest aquarium in the world may also run up to about $100,000 or more.

smallest aquarium1

smallest aquarium2


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