X1R Remote Caddie

Golf is a cool game, no doubts about that, but while playing golf why do people tend to overlook the nitty-gritty’s, for example, the right garb and the right storage device. Golf is a fun game but equally tiring too. It involves a lot of walking. And what is golf without walking anyways? The more you walk, the more you have to pull and drag your bag. The XIR remote caddie now comes to your rescue. The X1R includes features designed for optimal convenience including handy storage for balls, tees, sunglasses, towels; a one-piece scorecard and pencil holder; and a gimbal-mounted drink holder that adjusts to accommodate cans and short and long bottles. A fully remote-controlled caddie with solid-state electronics, the X1R provides high reliability, cruise control, and a range exceeding 50 yards. Its compact handset allows golfers to move the X1R forward, backward, faster, slower, left and right. The ‘off’ button cuts the power to the X1R’s powerful twin motors and slows the caddie to a gradual stop. The emergency brake brings the X1R to an immediate stop.

According to Anderson, no other powered caddie offers such freedom and flexibility. Exceptional manoeuvrability and navigation up and down hills and even across rugged, uneven terrain; Ease of use in operation and control through its hand-held remote, simple unfolding and folding (to fit in virtually any car trunk). Its costs $1,995 and Stewart Golf USA offers a three-year warranty on its remote caddies – the strongest warranty in the industry. (The battery has a one-year warranty.

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