Yamazaki 50 Years Old is Japan’s most expensive whiskey

1961 might have been a year lost in history, and might probably not hold all that much of significance in everyone’s life today. Though, we’ve just come across a reddish amber bottle of spirits hailing from that very year that carries along a significant price tag too! After having spent the better half of a century in casks made of mizunara, this Yamakazi single malt whiskey is now up for sale and will be released on the 13th of December. Costing about $12,970 a bottle, (with the price tag showing ¥1 million), this 700 milliliter bottle of a 50 year old whiskey is now Japan’s most-expensive single malt whiskey and the maker, Suntory, has 150 bottles on offer.

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And if you do end up without one of these, with the bottles having a tendency to fly off shelves quickly, you could probably purchase a couple of the Yamakazi 10 Year Old bottles instead, store them in your basement, and present them to your future generations!