Yes its true – After pens Montblanc is now making motorcycle helmets

Montblanc has created a couple of cool black helmets for motorcyclists who like to ride in style. The Urban Spirit Helmets have been inspired by the racing helmets’ simplicity from the 1970s; these helmets have a sleek and contemporary feel. According to Montblanc, they are for the 21st-century nomad, traveling across geographies and without boundaries in search of new experiences in faraway destinations or his city.

One of the helmets is a full-face model that provides a protective black visor, while the other one is an open face helmet with a mirrored visor. The design fuses tactile Urban Spirit plain with the perforated leather of racing gloves. The helmets are molded on a shell with a refracting coating.

These helmets combine safety and comfort with sophisticated style. They are suitable for both day and night use as the reflective coating on the helmets’ shell is designed to refract light through the perforated leather, creating a contemporary underlay for the safety function of these special pieces. The detailing, finishing, and leather stitching are all testaments to the high standards of craftsmanship that have been upheld in creating these objects.

We will keep you updated with details of the price and availability of the Urban Spirit motorcycle helmets.

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