You can now work on your facial muscles at the world’s very first Face gym

Enough of working on those abs and glutes! It’s now time to participate in one of the most trending routines across the world – Exercising for your face! Yup, you read that right! Here to help you sculpt your face the right way is a brand called FaceGym, that aims at creating exciting workout routines for the much-ignored facial muscles.

Started by beauty-journalist Inge Theron, FaceGym is constantly reinventing ways to help prevent skin sagging and more through a natural medium. After successfully running in London, the unique fitness center is all set to open at Bond Street in New York City’s NoHo neighborhood this September. Regular workouts at FaceGym include a warmup, a detailed routine, and quick cool-down, each helping you flex the 40 odd muscles in your face. Further, trainers also knead, massage, and contort the face of the participants to best sculpt and tone facial muscles, minus any chemical treatments whatsoever!

FaceGym is started with an aim to introduce alternate therapies to harmful cosmetic treatments like Botox. Per Theron, trends such as fillers were ‘becoming a norm’ and she wanted to challenge that in a healthy manner. Sessions at the FaceGym start at $70 with advanced treatments such as face masks, electrical muscle stimulation, laser sculpting, and frozen CO2 shots going up to $550. But for what’s worth, the cost seems reasonable for making you look like a million bucks in such a cool way!


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