Yves Saint Laurent designs Love 2011 for Caviar House-Prunier

Although V-Day’s just passed by, this comes as a very nice gift idea and apparently best for season’s greeting. Caviar House and Prunier restaurant in London have tied hands to bring to life Yves Saint Laurent’s emotions that he described on greeting cards for friends and family since 1970. The paintings have been brought to life on the vintage edition of the Caviar House –Prunier caviar tin called Love 11. The content, Saint James Caviar, is specially crafted caviar which the restaurant has been making since 1932 especially for its high ranking guests. It has a subtle flavour which is a balance of low salt and ideal ripeness.

The caviar comes in two tin sizes – 125gm and 250gm. In Switzerland the 250gm costs $1,122 and $1015 in Europe.

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