Yves Saint Laurent promotes smoking in Asia and Russia

In the olden movies, you remember how the lead actresses, mostly the vamp or the tramp, end up holding a long stick in hand and puffing on their cigarettes to create a sense of cloudy moods? It seems the theme has been falling over on some brands in the fashion world where some designers are risking their clientele loyalty by promoting smoking in their ads. Yves Saint Laurent has decided to allow cigarettes to be sold and promoted in Asia and Russia since the west has already made it clear that they do not want more of their citizens to die of lung cancer. Since the lives of youth in Russia and Asia seem to be of no grave importance for YSL, they probably thought – let’s go east and screw them over again. Funny enough, they have launched a new ‘green’ bag called the ‘Muse.’ Wonder how many thick-skinned fashionistas will go for that one now?
[Heraldsun] And [NYDailynews]

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