Zontik Rubik’s Cube: an extravagant version

So you had a Rubik’s Cube, and you played with it and stared at it and took it apart…and now you’re looking for a newer one? Rubik’s Cube has always been enjoyable since childhood days. Well, it’s back this time in a tailored version for grown-ups. This Magic Cube was invented in 1974 by Ernő Rubik with an interest in geometry and the study of three-dimensional forms. But Zontik has gone ahead and transformed this challenging game in to a more spectacular art piece. The Zontik Rubik’s Cube does everything the old one did, but the prime change is that this one is made of solid chrome and all the sides are inlaid leather. The standard Rubik cube colors are used: yellow, red, white, green, orange, and blue.

The only discredit is that it is heavy; hence it may be a bit uncomfortable to hold on it for long hours. (Except if you are a pro at it and can solve it in few minutes). Whether you play it or no, it’ll definitely adorn your desk or side table and be the center of conversation at gatherings. Place it on your office desk and it will enhance your intellectual persona. But all this for a price of $200!

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