Zurich train station has a humungous 65-foot Hand-Crocheted tree with a unique purpose

Imagine huddling to the station for catching a train and suddenly stumbling upon a majestic and unbelievably sized crocheted tree on your way. Sounds dreamy and impossible, right? However, here to grace this fictional bit into reality is Brazilian Conceptual artist, Ernesto Neto, who has recently built a larger-than-life crochet structure right in the middle of Zurich Railway Station.

YouTube video

Created in partnership with Fondation Beyeler, Neto’s manifestation takes shape of a tree with green and orange color codes, all intertwined in a see-through wonder of sorts. The structure, rightfully christened as the GaiaMotherTree extends to the ceiling and measures 65 feet in height. It has been created with a finger-crocheting technique that took 27 dedicated artists to complete over a span of several weeks. In addition to being a treat for the eyes, the GaiaMotherTree comes with 1300 hung over pounds of aromatic ground spices such as turmeric, cloves, cumin, and black pepper in little bags, each of which create a refreshing waft of air around it.

Like most of Neto’s creations, the GaiaMotherTree aims at creating a sensory experience for onlookers, who will be allowed to step up and touch the tree to their heart’s delight. The whole structure is said to be inspired by a spiritual connection with nature practiced by the Huni Kuin, members of an indigenous community in the Amazon region of Brazil and is touted to be all about intimacy. The GaiaMotherTree will grace the Zurich Main Station until July 29, 2018.


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