A status symbol for tycoons and the yakuza, costing $300,000 this is the world’s most expensive pet fish. Now a Chinese company has created a drone clone that looks and even moves like the real thing.

Would you believe us if we told you that a drone manufacturer had created a clone for a fish? Well, in case you don’t, read on to know about this latest creation that has been designed to ape the world’s most expensive pet fish – the Asian Arowana.

Designed by a Chinese company called RoboSea, the eerily real-looking Arowana underwater drone (termed RoboLab-GL) is, however backed by noble intentions. It aims at reducing the purchase of endangered marine creatures and especially the Asian Arowana, which is considered to be a status symbol by many.

The Asian Arowana fish.

Commenting on it, Yuhan Fu, CEO, RoboSea, in a statement, said, ‘There are many well-known aquariums in China and abroad that are hoping to reduce the investment in marine life as much as possible, chiefly because many fish have become endangered. So, with alternatives like RoboLab-GL available, we are hoping the purchase of endangered marine creatures will drop.’

Singapore has dedicated fish surgeons who give these prized fishes eye lifts, tail alterations and even chin jobs.

Hoping that zoos and aquariums are encouraged to make the switch, Fu added, ‘If a robot fish can provide the same fun experience to visitors as a real fish, why wouldn’t aquariums want to use it instead? After all, they can get the robot to interact with the tourists as well. At the same time, it will add an element of science and technology to the aquarium.’

With the real creature costing approximately $300,000, Buying a drone clone of the Asian Arowana could be a much better deal if you ask us!

[Via: SCMP]

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