A subscription service that delivers luxury dog food

Subscription product services are known to all and have been around for ages, but these services have now grown exponentially in popularity and profitability. Joining this bandwagon is Wonderboo, the first of its kind in being the subscription service for dogs.

Wonderboo supplies high quality, luxury dog food that is sent directly to your doorstep or shipped to a nearby store for personal pick up. The creators of this brand were disillusioned by the low quality of ingredients used by most dog food brands and hence came up with a version that can be used by those owners who wish to spoil their pets.
Wonderboo dog food 2
Each subscription box arrives with individual portions in pre-packed containers and come sized for large dogs or smaller dogs. Fro August 2015, the will be offering a Swedish Beef flavor with a light option for dogs on a diet! The Cod Fillet flavor will soon be out in the market after the Swedish Beef.

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Trying to make it as easy and comfortable to use, the customers are also given a choice of services, like a weekly delivery of enough food for each meal over the week. A ‘Weekends’ option allows you to order different kinds of food to give a treat to your little pet.
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Wonderboo is not the highest value available on the market but they earn their market share by capitalizing on repeat business orders allowing a slight discount on a high margin product.

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This model has worked well in many different businesses but it remains to be seen if the dog world is ready for an option and a service like this.

Having started off in Sweden, they plan to expand to other countries as soon as possible. If interested you can order a free sample directly from their website.

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