A true miracle – The Snowy Owl has been seen in Central Park for the first time in over 130 years

The pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have indeed been a boon for mother earth. And while most parts of the world have now resumed the normal course of things, the positive effects of quietened human chatter are certainly felt even today.

In one such instance, a rare snowy owl was recently spotted in Manhattan’s Central Park. The bird apparently visited the locality for the first time since 1890. It was spotted near the North Meadow in the park, hanging around the ballfields with an American crow. Needless to say, its visit took enthusiasts by storm, with many making their way to the location to spot it.

The extraordinary species is usually spotted at shorefront parks and even in wilder stretches of southern New York, like the dunes at Jones Beach and even Randalls and Liberty islands, but it was indeed surprising to see the white bird hover over in the middle of the city.

Typically, the snowy owl nests in the Arctic region in the summer and migrates south in the winter. Rarely, it also moves further south during periods known as irruptions. Appearing at best like Harry Potter’s owl Hedwig, the rare bird sure made most New York’s perk up in joy with its visit! Here’s hoping to catch its glimpse soon again!

[Via: UPI]

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