A dog held for $350,000 ransom is returned back

I have heard that kidnapping for ransom is big business in Andean countries but this is probably the dumbest kidnapping, of a pet, ever happened. That too ending on a much dumber note! I wonder why such foolish folks stage such kidnapping acts in 1st place. Luckily for the dog and its owners, the whole drama unfolded with a happy note. Here’s how the whole story goes. It was reported that a four-year-old German shepherd, Aldo de Fescol, was kidnapped on September 18 from the owner’s home….(Tragic). The couple later received a call saying that Aldo would be hurt unless they paid a $350,000 ransom. They also were sent photos of the dog in chains and a tape recording that said: “This is how your dog cries at night” ……. (More tragic)! So six undercover agents accompanying the couple went to make the ransom payment….. (Thrilling). When the exchange was about to take place, a shootout erupted, and two of the dog-kidnappers were captured….. (Action). No ransom was paid, and the other abductors still had Aldo….. (Suspense). Jump over to know more about this real drama……

A month later, what struck to the abductor’s mind only they know but Aldo was dropped off later at a veterinarian’s office with a note saying that he needed to be washed. When no one came to pick up the dog, the vet’s office called the police. Aldo who was doing well overall was finally returned home to his owners….. (Happy Ending).