A personal heater-cooler system for your pet’s home

With the summer slowly easing in, the temperatures have risen and the world’s wiping a drop of sweat off its brow. We humans aren’t the only ones who suffer the heat. Our pets do to! We’ve just stumbled across a perfect way to keep your furry friend comfortable this summer. Called the CR-2550, this air cooling and heating system by Climate Right is the perfect way to have your pet live comfortably. Capable of heating or cooling to 350 cubic feet of space, the Climate Right is perfect for your dog or cat house.

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To be made available from May for $600 for the heater/cooler combo, this contraption by Climate Right is fairly easy to install too, and needs a simply electricity sock to power up, giving your pet a relief from the drastic temperatures outside.
[Available at Climate Right Hair via Gizmodo]