Ashera is a cat on leash for $22,000

Make-to-order bags, shoes, clothes, watches and jewelry…..but have you heard of specially tailored pets? Don’t mistake it for mini-leopard! It’s Ashera, a mix breed of Asian Leopard cat, African Serval and an unnamed domestic breed. I’m impressed with the fact that it features leopard-like spots and contrasting stripes and also it can weigh up to 30 pounds (14k). Lifestyle Pets claim that this cat is highly intelligent, very affectionate and has great temperaments.

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Although the originator claims to use gene mapping and artificial insemination, his work is not published in peer-reviewed journals. But would any of you pay $22K for a designer Ashera “lifestyle” cat? And $6,000 extra if you don’t want to wait 9-12 months for delivery! And not to forget the shipping charges too.

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