Austin’s International airport will soon get its own pet hotel, an added comfort for travellers

Last month in Toronto, a cage-less luxury pet hotel called Park9 opened up for vacationers to drop off their pets just before they catch their flight. Now Texas’ Austin Bergstrom International Airport is going to get one for themselves, right on the airport property. While the Austin City Council approved for more parking space at the airport recently, they also agreed on a pet hotel which makes it all the more convenient for travellers who have a furry four-legged friend they can’t take everywhere. The hotel will be run by Taurus Training and Doggy Care, a popular pet care center in Austin, and will allow travellers to pick up their cars and pets at the same time, right after they land. The hotel seems to be a good idea because it makes sense to patrons who would want to have their best friends back as soon as they get off the plane from wherever they’ve been.

The hotel, though still in its planning phase, is aiming to host around 150 animals, both cats and dogs. There will be separate play areas for the animals to socialize, a lot of outdoor space and a pool for the dogs to cool off in. The team is also hoping to inculcate some training routines in case if customers would want to use that service and to employ experts to keep up the physical and behavioral health of their stay-over companions. The pet hotel is hoping to be ready and open its doors in the summer of 2016. Travellers with pets should expect the day care charges to be around $35 and an additional $5 per night.

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