Calm your Pets with The Sunspa

If you’re rich you have probably already bought your little pet a diamond-studded collar and some of those weird dog clothes already. Here’s a way to blow yet more money on your pet. Pegging the sale on your pet’s mood swings (this is real people – curing pet’s mood swings!!) you can buy something to calm your pet down, (no this is not some pill your pet can pop) buy the Sunspa. This device claims to simulate sunlight and provide warm and soothing heaven for your pets. Well, if you look at the pictures, it does look really relaxing. But still – a gadget to help you relax your pets? Why don’t they have something like that for humans? We are usually sent to a shrink if we have mood swings!

Anyhow, The SunSpa’s elegant wooden arch provides a stable base and convenient handles for easy maneuverability. The light itself maintains a comfortable temperature of 80-85 degrees on the bed’s surface, lasts 5000 hours, and is 150 watts. The luxurious Crypton Fabric cover is odor resistant, water-resistant, stain-resistant, and is machine washable. Along with the cover, the soft foam padding folds up for easy storage.