Canine Shower Stall: A high-tech bathing chamber for your pooch

We all know how much dogs hate the thought of baths, but despite all the whimpering and whining, the dogs must be given their regular soak. With the advent in technology, you can definitely count on some really cool techno bathing products for your dog that also helps make the task of bathing your pooch a lot easier and less messy. The Canine Shower Stall is one such example of a high-tech bathing chamber for your pooch that promises to do the tough job of bathing your pooch for you. The unique shower stall features 16 water-jet nozzles and a showerhead that promises to give your doggy one-hell of a cleansing experience. The stall comprises two integrated leashes and showers walls that reach 31″-high and a plastic roof to help keep water inside the shower. The shower stall connects to a faucet and has a 2′-long drainpipe used to drain the water out of the shower.

Designed to handle dogs up to 200lbs, this genius shower stall can be adjusted to fit small dogs as well. Retailing at a price of $1250, the Canine Shower Stall is available here.

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